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Four fun ways to spice up your paint life!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on April 21, 2010 by Marla Singa

Painting is relaxing, expressive, and entertaining.  I love to paint for all of these reasons plus a few I’m sure I left out.  There are times when I have the urge to paint and express myself only I have no idea what to paint or how to make it stand out from all the other creations that have become of my crafty painting shenanigans.   Here are some fun new ideas I found on how to express yourself with those same old bottles of paint.

Modeling paste – You can add texture to whatever you are painting by first putting down a layer of this modeling paste.  You can use brushes or other materials to create different textures with the paste.  You simply wait for it to dry and paint over it with your acrylic paints.

Watercolor Pencils – With a pad of watercolor paper, some watercolor pencils, a cup of water, and a brush or two, you can create an awesome piece of art that is just as fun to sketch as it is to alter with the brush and water.  You can draw it out and shade it first, then add the water and see how you can play with the effects.  The only downside is that the pencils are very fragile and if you purchase a cheap brand they are most likely going to break on you over and over.

Add paint embellishments
to shoes, hats, purses, etc.  Get creative with your old accessories and make them new again.  This is almost even more fun than painting on a canvas because you get to wear your art afterward.

Dye your stained shirts with acrylic paint.  When I have an old white shirt that is a cute fit but it has stains or whatnot on it, I put a little paint in a cup and fill it with water.  Then I soak my shirt in the cup until it soaks it all up and then I hang it outside to dry.  Once it’s dry, I throw it in the dryer just to set the paint and its ready to go.

Have fun on your painting adventures and feel free to add to this post with any fun ideas you have.  Let me know how it goes!!!