A Love for Graffiti!

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     In correlation with my recent article in the Puma Press magazine, Lynx, I would like to address the prevalence of graffiti art in our city.  In my article, biased opinions are frowned upon so I would also like to take a moment and express my love for the art! 
     I have been very invested in the hip-hop scene for many years and as you may or may not know, graffiti is one of the elements that comprise the lifestyle of a hip-hop head.  It is a fantastic style of art and expression. 
     There are many places all over the valley where this style of art can be found, legal and illegal.  In my article I listed a few places to find some fabulous works of art.  There is much to be found all over the city and Downtown has some of my favorite walls.  There are some amazingly talented local artists, some of whom have wonderful murals Downtown.
     I highly recommend that you read the article and visit the locations mentioned.  Perhaps you will stumble upon something that will gain you an appreciation for the art if you do not yet possess one.  I can only hope that enough people realize the value of graffiti art and stop complaining about the pieces in which some artist poured his or her soul into.


The Art of Love

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     One universal concept behind art and what defines it as such is the fact that it evokes emotion from deep within.  It is different for everyone. Some see a picture and don’t look twice, while that same picture can draw another person in so deeply that they cannot leave without buying it to have in their own home, to look at every day.  Is love any different?
     To you, a person may be merely another person wandering the planet, but to someone, that person is everything, their whole world, which, without this person, their world would cease to exist. 
     In a painting, you find beauty by understanding the complexities that went into developing such a completed work.  By understanding the details and intricacies that are, perhaps, unrecognizable to some but you can see them and find them truly divine.  When you look at a person, they may be attractive and they may not be.  It is not until you find the uniqueness and intricate details that make them who they are, that you find true beauty.  Once you find that beauty, you want to see it and be enveloped in its presence every day, whenever you can. 
     Trying to gain this person’s attention, time, love, and equal understanding of who you are can be a roller coaster of emotion.  Some days, everything is beautiful and wonderful as you dream of a possible future together.  Some days you feel defeated as if you may never be loved, and it can tear your heart apart.
     It is bittersweet that sometimes, we may love deeply, purely, truly, wholly, and may never be loved back by that same person.  It is the rare miracle when you find one to love that loves you back with their whole heart.  Few are as blessed as those who have found this love, who have this permanent piece of art in their lives that even if it ends, the beauty of the memories last forever in their hearts and minds.

New Defintion for “Fine Art”

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Tattoos are so very common among generation X-ers and becoming increasingly accepted among employers as well.  I have seen amazing tattoos from amazing artists as well as not so amazing tattoos from prison, or perhaps, a drunken evening with a friend and a tattoo gun.  (Even I have one of those.)
Tattoo artists are usually skilled in other forms of artistic expression as well.  Obviously they know how to wield a pen, and they often paint or create art using other mediums.  With that being said, how many of you would consider tattooing a “fine art”?
I understand there are specific categories of art that compose the definition of fine art, however, it is my personal belief that perhaps that definition should encompass more than it currently does.  It is not just tattoos that should be added to the list but also all forms of dancing.  As the Fine Arts editor of Paradise Valley Community College newspaper, The Puma Press, I have been putting a Fine Arts twist on forms of expression which are not currently considered “Fine Art”.
For instance, I wrote an article about a local breakdancing crew, Foot Klan.  Currently the only form of dancing considered to be fine art is “interpretive dance”.  Why should it be so limited?  All dancing is a form of expression.  Just ask the dancers themselves. 
Now days artistic emotion is expressed through unlimited forms.  Art, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps fine art’s definition should be changed  to encompass all forms of self-expression.  We evolve with time, why should our definitions not evolve with us?

The stresses of a floral designer over her brother’s wedding flowers.

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How many of you have floral experience?  I was a floral designer for three years.  It was great.  It was relaxing at times, stressful at times.  I made funeral flowers, wedding flowers, Valentine’s Day arrangements, Mother’s Day, prom,  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and the list goes on.  The hours were long on the holidays.  I was required to be there, at times, from 7AM to 1AM, sleep for a few hours and be back by 7AM.   Craziness!!!  Well now my brother and his wonderful fiance are getting married.  There are two and a half weeks until the wedding day.  It was not until last night when the bride-to-be finally settled on what flowers she wanted for the entire wedding.  Did I mention that I am doing it all… for FREE!!
I cannot tell you how stressful it has been.  There are so many details involved: Bride’s bouquet, toss bouquet, bridesmaids (I happen to be one of them) bouquets, corsages for the mothers, boutineers for the groom, groomsmen and fathers.  Then there is the matter of the centerpieces.   Well I am pleased to say that I have officially ordered the flowers and am, therefore, one step closer to the finished product.  There will be red roses and white carnations with beautiful silver ribbons.  All of this is going to cast no more than $150.00.   When the wedding is finished I will post pictures of all the loveliness that I created for my brother whom I love so much.   If I can make my sister-in-law happy on her wedding day then my job here is done!  Keep in mind, pictures will be up in 3 weeks!

So Many Beers, So Few Designated Drivers!!!

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Last night I took a friend downtown to experience The Lost Leaf.  I knew she would love it because of the local art hung for sale on the walls and the laid back environment, but I didn’t realize how many people actually appreciate a good beer.  The Lost Leaf has a menu exploding with unique, fruity, organic, and gluten-free beers.  Take a look! http://www.thelostleaf.org/menu.asp . 
You could not experience it all in one visit, it would take sometime to discover all the wonderful beer they have to offer on their menu.  Last night I had a Pyramid Apricot, and a Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat brew.  They were fabulous.  I have also recently tried the Lindeman’s Framboise, which was quite unique, for my taste.  In my many times being there I have barley even touched the wide variety of drinks that I hope experience. 
 After a scintillating experience at The Lost Leaf, my friend and I wandered over to The Roosevelt where there was even more fascinating brews to indulge in.    They have many hard to find beer as well as some they brew themselves on location.  I tried the Lost Abbey Devotion Ale.  It could quite possibly be my favorite brew!  I also tried a more common, Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale.   Needless to say I was quite tipsy as I left.  Thank God for designated drivers with fabulous bars like these to tantalize the senses!
If you love beer or just amazing ambiance I highly recommend you take yourself out and see what downtown has to offer.
The Roosevelt Tavern is located at 816 N. 3rd St. Phoenix AZ 85004 and pours its house beer (and many other rotating selections) Tuesday-Sunday. (602) 254.2561
The Lost Leaf Bar and Gallery is located at 914  N 5th St.  Phoenix AZ 85004
They are open 7 days a week from 5pm to 2am (602)258-0014


If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know…and You Really Should!

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Every Friday night I find myself at The Sheraton in downtown Phoenix, AZ which hosts a House music night called Skyline.  Personally, I am in love with House music and it seems to appeal to a diverse group of individuals, as I see people of all ages and races relaxing with some drinks or out on the dancefloor vibing to the sounds of Mark Farina and Marques Wyatt along with other prominent producers who made house music a must have on Ipods around the world.  Deon Pearson, House DJ, who can be found every Friday night at Skyline, agrees and puts it like this: “Completely and utterly non-discriminatory, House is essentially a place where listeners of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, and other eclectic factors can gather under one roof, or one ‘house’, and be as comfortable with themselves as they would be in their own home..”  House music has been around since the early 1980’s.    “It was played in abandoned warehouses and other remote locales where people could gather without worry of disturbing the peace. Some believe that this is where the term ‘House’ came from,” says Pearson.  He describes the style of music beautifully when he says, “House music started as a form of underground electronic dance music, with its genesis most deeply rooted in forms of disco, soul, and funk, comprised primarily of synthesized sounds and drum samples.  Up-tempo in nature, it generally holds a high energy quality to it.  What makes House so soulful is in the melodies and rhythms that compose it (formed from the structure of jazz, hip-hop, and soul), with lyrics focused mainly upon the notions of peace, brotherhood, love, and life appreciation.”
Some of it is fast paced like Basement Jaxx while other varieties of House are relaxing and perfect for a chill environment, like Mark Farina’s many compilations you can find on albums entitled Mushroom Jazz. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg4IxX5Wc8o “House puts together many common denominators to bring together a community of deep, loving, funky, and unafraid-to-be-original people. All of this under one ‘House’,” says Pearson.  So if you have never heard House music before, or if you have a great love for the music, bring yourself and your friends downtown on Friday nights to experience a truly stimulating and engaging time at Skyline from 9:00pm to last call.  It is always free and always gratifying!

The Art of Martial Arts

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     When one considers fine arts I bet they rarely, if ever, think about martial arts, but it is a very artistic form of movement.  “It is the art of war,” says Seth Moylan, chief instructor of United Studios of Self Defense in Scottsdale Arizona. 
     When you think martial arts what do you think of?  Bruce Lee? Karate Kid?  MMA fights?   There is more to it than just movies, individuals and televised fights.  Within the martial arts system there is a whole world of beauty to be unlocked.  Yes you have your punching and kicking and grappling techniques, but when moving through the system, whichever system it may be, there are forms one must learn to gain understanding of technique.  These forms are often referred to as pinans and katas.  They are a series of beautiful almost dance-like motion that hold within them secrets of the masters.  There are many forms, some with weapons, many mimic animals.  Check out a clip of a snake form on YouTube by clicking on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_VL_sEhND0
     “Forms put an aesthetically pleasing and physically balanced twist on the combative elements of the martial arts into a pattern of movement,”  says Moylan.  “A good form will include gracefulness, agility, balance, timing and accuracy, which are the same qualities dancers embrace,” Moylan expresses.  Forms can be slow like the forms in Tai Chi, they can be fast and explosive like forms in the Kempo system.   They were developed as training drills yet possess some of the most graceful, flowing motions to be seen.
     Next time you find yourself watching a martial arts flick focus on the beauty of the art as well as the hard-core fighting that makes all our adrenaline start pumping!