The tattoo phenomenon

Artist: Luke Ford, Incision Tattoo

Who can disagree, while older generations are slightly less inclined to decorate their bodies with permanent ink, tattoos have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon?   It seems that everyone has at least one tattoo.  I know that isn’t quite the case but it seems that way.  Tattoos are a great way to express one’s self.  Not everyone who gets a tattoo is doing it to express themselves.  Some people use tattoos as a memorial for loved ones or pets that have passed on.  Some like the rush they get from tattoos and will pick a piece from popular flash with no thought at all.  Some think it makes them “hardcore” while others have tattoos that are hidden and mean something personal to them.  Whatever the reason, tattoo shops may be some of the few places the recession hasn’t shut down.  How many of you have tattoos?  What do you have and why?  How many tattoos do you have?  I am officially taking a poll!!  Please post your responses.  I would love to see what you’ve got.  For a chance to be featured in AZ Weekly magazine or the Puma Press, send your tattoo photos to  I look forward to hearing from you all!!!


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