A Canvas for Eyeshadow.

Getting ready to go out for the night is one of my favorite parts about going out.  I love to pick out a cute outfit and shoes, but most importantly I love to do my make up.  I love when makeup is applied in an artistic and wild fashion.  Eyeshadow can be done so many different ways and with so many different colors.  Eye makeup can be an art form in itself.  Sure, it is not always practical to have your eyes painted up to look like feathered cat eyes or blossoming flowers, but for those few times when it is acceptable, it sure is fabulous!  There is so much that can be done.  I used to love the photo shoots they would have on America’s Next Top Model for the eye makeup alone. 


If you need help with  eyeshadow application, it never hurts to check out  tips from the internet or magazines.  You can get the basics down and then embellish from there. 

Personally, I wish more people got a little more creative with their eye makeup.  What better canvas for artistic expression than one’s self.


2 Responses to “A Canvas for Eyeshadow.”

  1. Duke Rawton Says:

    I like this…I even got fired up about the topic! I NOW want to be a part of applying some sick eye-pieces just because I read this baby! Lets do it! XOXOXXOXO me

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