An Outlet for Emotion.

     Emotions are the root of humanity.  Varying degrees of happiness, pain, anger, broken heartedness, etc, all try to control our lives.  We battle with these emotions for control of the day.  Will I let all that I feel inside of me control my attitude for the day or can I overcome this and shine like a light for all to see?
     What about those days where I just feel like letting loose all the emotions I feel every other day but choose to keep tucked away.  I can find release from these emotions through artful expression if I choose such an outlet.  Be it music, painting, singing, martial arts, dance, writing, etc.
For instance, if I could paint my emotion of the day today, it would have reds and blacks and blues all fighting for dominance in a vortex of deeply rooted darkness.  Instead I am choosing to write about my emotion.  It’s a rare occasion for me to feel this way. 
     Perhaps if I were in front of a canvas right this moment I could transfer all this emotion onto it and free myself.  Then again there is something to embracing the darkness for a brief moment.  It seems so real in a world full of fabrication.  But to express feeling through creative means opens your heart and mind to the world.  It allows for others to attempt to see into one’s heart and soul deeper than any conversation about these emotions. 
     I can only pray that tomorrow I wake up ready to paint a canvas full of powerful fuchsias, ocean blues, and beautiful greens.  I would rather shine brightly than be a cold shadow.


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